Botanical name:
Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Oil
/Flower Water 

What can be better than Neroli flowers? Let us listen to these beautiful and elegant tiny buds. They have a sweet, honeyed, citrus scent with a remarkable and radiant green aroma. It will pronounce stronger as the flowers will start to blossom.

 Neroli is probably one of the most luxurious oils out there. There are many stories about its name. But most popular says that the name was inspired by the princess of Nerola (in Italy), who used the oil as a fragrance to perfume her bath and clothing.

For sure, this oil is a staple for any aromatherapist cabinet. Neroli is valued for its calming properties: it reduces anxiety, depression and elevates the mood. It soothes skin and helps regulate sebum, which is excellent for both oily and dry skin.

This fantastic oil is found in our
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